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At my West St. Paul law firm, I represent people from throughout the Twin Cities metro area in matters related to child support payments. I can help get support established in a divorce or paternityaction. I can represent noncustodial parents to make sure that their child support obligation is fair and reasonable. I can also have support modified when there is a substantial change in circumstances — like when a parent’s income increases or decreases.

In Minnesota, child support is determined according to a series of child support guidelines that take both parents’ incomes into account. This can be a tricky calculation when parents own their own businesses or are otherwise self-employed. Sometimes they are accused of hiding assets or don’t have the necessary document to prove exactly what they earn. I can investigate thoroughly to uncover hidden income or to help my clients prove exactly how much they make.

Child support determinations also involve other considerations, including day care expenses and the cost of health insurance. Many people think that a parent’s spouse’s or significant other’s income is part of the calculation, but this is simply not true.

‘What If I Can’t Afford My Child Support Payments?’

Child support payments can be steep, and the consequences for not making them are serious. If you are unable to pay child support, it is critical that you go to court and request an official modification of the payment amount. If you just stop paying, you could be held responsible for back child support.

Talk With A Lawyer About Child Support. Contact My West St. Paul Law Firm.

If you have questions about the law on child support or how the guidelines may affect you, contact my law office by calling 651-968-1410 to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation. Talking with an attorney is the best way to get information about your child support obligation. I can go through the numbers with you so that you understand exactly how much you may receive or be required to pay.

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